Master of Business Administration in Impact Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Programme Objective:

The programme aims at contributing to the advancement of knowledge through the conception of independent business ideas and growing them. It places emphasis on the identification of opportunities and ideas in the environment and equipping students with the capacity to manage and grow these ideas in viable businesses to create jobs and reduce unemployment. It further improves the Entrepreneur’s ability to handle various financial problems confronting businesses with professionalism.


Target Audience:

The programme’s employment prospect is in three folds. Firstly, it intends to equip students with the requisite skills to start their own business. Secondly, it will train people who already run their business to scale it up. Thirdly, it will cultivate in employees the entrepreneurial drive essential for the growth of business that they can adapt and use to improve the functions of their company of employment. Sectorial, employment prospects are listed below: Private and Public sectors, Financial Sector, Agriculture sector, Information and Technology sectors.

Duration: 18 months

Available Sessions: Evening, Weekends and Sandwich